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Advance Praise for While America Slept


“When American leadership reasserts itself on the world stage; and it will because it must; it will be because a new Republican president has answered the country's call for renewed strength and steadying influence. That call will have to be backed by a rebuilt American military and by a wise, realistic, purpose-driven, freedom-loving national security policy inspired by that president but crafted and executed by a team of national security professionals of experience and ability. Robert O'Brien will be among the very top leaders of that team—no matter who the president is. As the essays in this book demonstrate, Robert has focused for decades on how American military, economic, diplomatic and especially moral power should be deployed to advance the country's security and the world's stability. Robert is among the very few top foreign policy and defense experts in the country who is what they call in baseball ‘a five tool’ player, which means he can do any job in any agency. I wouldn't be surprised—indeed I'd be relieved—if Robert is the next president's national security advisor or in a top position at DOD or State. Read these essays carefully. Every Republican seeking the White House already has or will soon do so.”
-Governor Mitt Romney

“Robert O'Brien's essays are an especially timely contribution to the ongoing 2016 political debate, leading up to one of the most consequential elections in our history. National security should be in the center of the debate, and this book required reading for all the participants.”
-Ambassador John Bolton

“Robert O'Brien is well known as an expert on naval affairs but this book shows a penetrating understanding of the broad range of national security issues. It's a must read for anyone who wants to know how and why the threats to America are growing, and what we can do about it.”
-Senator Jim Talent

“No president in the history of the United States, not even Jimmy Carter, has been as disastrous to America's national security interests, its global standing, nor its foreign policy as Barack Obama. From the rise of ISIS to the resurgence of Russia, Obama and his team didn't see any of it coming, but Robert O'Brien did. All of it. As one of America's most important national security and foreign policy voices, O'Brien is continually steps ahead of global events and informed to an astounding depth. His captivating essays succinctly outline the challenges our nation faces and what we must do to surmount them. Imagine the brilliance of Kissinger combined with the talent of Clancy and you have only scratched the surface of Robert O'Brien's writing. These essays are absolute must reads for anyone who cares about the future of the United States.”
-Brad Thor, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of Code of Conduct

“When Robert writes on a national security issue, people pay attention. He knows how to cut through the clutter to highlight the problem and articulate a solution. He also knows when others aren't confronting the real issues and holds the powerful accountable.”
-Richard Grenell, Fox News Contributor

“In a time when America's foreign policy seems to have become the province of amateurs and cynical former campaign volunteers, a voice like Robert O'Brien's is a breath of fresh air. A go-to lawyer in high-stakes litigation, a seasoned diplomat, an Army Reserve officer, Robert's take on the issues hearkens back to the time when United States foreign policy was in the hands of wise, accomplished, experienced adults who understood the stakes because they had lived lives outside of graduate school seminars and away from computer screens. Someday America will again be ready to embrace maturity when it comes to national security, and Robert O'Brien will be on the shortlist of wise men and women who will rebuild America's stature in the world. While America Slept will be a blueprint for that critical reconstruction.”
-Kurt Schlichter, Author, Attorney, and Colonel, United States Army (Ret.)