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America Must Immediately Reverse the Downsizing of its Navy as China Grows on the High Seas

The Huffington Post

The United States Navy is of critical importance to the defense of this country and to maintaining freedom of the seas internationally. Freedom of navigation, as ensured by the Navy, is critical to America's ability to project power by moving men and equipment over 70 percent of the earth's surface and to maintaining world trade and commerce. The Navy's missions in this regard have expanded significantly in recent years. Simultaneously, the Navy faces a strategic challenge from China in the Pacific. Yet the number of ships in the fleet continues to fall. If this trend is not reversed quickly, American security and influence in the world will be diminished for many years to come.

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Afghan Prosecutors Key to Beating Taliban

CBS News

Without well-equipped and honest Afghan prosecutors to bring criminal cases against the country’s drug lords and terrorists, the sacrifices of our front line soldiers could be in vain. Police and counter-insurgency work alone is insufficient to stop the Taliban and narco-terrorists.

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Don't Forget Afghanistan's Justice System

CBS News

President Obama has reaffirmed our commitment to winning in Afghanistan and American and British Marines are on the offensive in Marjah. Winning in Afghanistan requires that we, our coalition allies and Afghan forces, defeat the Taliban insurgency, end the rampant narcotics trade, and overcome pervasive corruption among Afghan officials. A key to success in dealing with all three areas is rebuilding the Afghan justice sector.

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China's Africa Play

From: CBS News

By: Robert C. O'Brien


The New Gitmo: Thomson, Ill.


Here’s what we face with Guantanamo Bay terrorists being housed in the United States. After the state prison in Thomson, Ill., has been transformed (at taxpayer expense) into a federal “Super Max” facility, the detainees will begin to arrive. They will include the worst of the worst. They are the terrorists that no one wanted. Certainly, not the Saudis with their vaunted extremist rehab centers. The Europeans, who were so vocal about closing the Guantanamo Bay facility, gave them a polite “non, merci.”

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