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Is This the End of the Royal Navy?

From: CBS News

By: Robert C. O'Brien

Reader Comments (1)

The current state of the Royal Navy is disappointing, but this article does not reflect the actual position and contains numerous inaccuracies. They are as follows:

1) The French Navy is not twice the size of the Royal Navy. Even if this were the case, the Royal Navy has more capable platforms (e.g. Astute SSNs) and more operational experience. Number of hulls is not an accurate reflection of actual fighting strength. The Italian and Spanish fleets are less capable than either the French Navy or the Royal Navy and can only operate in relatively low threat environments.
2) The Invincible class carriers have not had a primary ASW role for many years. The Royal Navy's most capable ASW assets have always been its excellent SSNs.
3) The current Russian Navy is a fraction of the size of the former Soviet fleet and does not pose a major threat to the UK. It operates only a handful of modern vessels and rarely undertakes extended deployments outside its own waters.
4) The armed forces of Argentina are in a state of ruin and would take 20 years, and a huge amount of money which the country does not have, to rebuild. They do not currently pose a viable threat to the Falkland Islands.
5) The Royal Australian Navy does not have a requirement for, or the resources or force structure necessary to support, aircraft carriers such as the Queen Elizabeth Class.

Please try to report the true state of affairs.

October 24, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMr Paul

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