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Spring 2016

Star Wars: The Battle to Protect the Rights of Publicity of America's Astronauts

Hastings Science and Technology Law Journal

(co-authored with Paul Alarcón)


Fall 2009

Update to the Commercial Value of Rights of Publicity: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, or Sometimes a Million Dollars

ABA Entertainment And Sports Lawyer

(co-authored with Bela Lugosi)



Spring 2009

Election Day Challenges to Polling Hours and the Judiciary’s Cautious Response

Buffalo Public Interest Law Journal

(co-authored with Amy Borland and Jon Kay)



Fall 2006

Selecting the Best Venue for International Arbitration

EALG Interview

(co-authored with Jenny Terry)



Fall 2006

Preparing a Witness for a Deposition

Los Angeles Lawyer, Attorney Survival Guide For New Attorneys In California



Spring 2005

The Commercial Value of Rights of Publicity: A Picture Is Sometimes Worth a Million Dollars

ABA Entertainment And Sports Lawyer



May 2004

Your Witness Counselor

ABA Student Lawyer



September 2002 

Trying Circumstances

Los Angeles Lawyer



Trademarks and Internet Domain Names in the Digital Millennium

4 UCLA Journal of International Law & Foreign Affairs 377

(co-authored with Michael LiRocchi and Steven Kepler)



Fall 1999

Reflections on Compelling Nonparty Discovery in England

The California International Practitioner




The Challenge of Verifying Corporate and Government Claims at the United Nations Compensation Commission

31 Cornell International Law Journal 101




A UNCC Panel of Commissioners Sets Precedents in Government Claims

92 American Journal of International Law 339

(co-authored with Veijo Heiskanen)




Compelling the Production of Evidence by Non-Parties in England and Wales Under the Hague Convention

24 Syracuse Journal of International Law & Commerce 77



Winter 1995/96

The UNCC and Iraq’s Liability for Corporate Claims

California International Law Section Newsletter